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This is my second dolls house; the first one was built from a cheap kit bought from Ebay and completed about eight years ago. Although my friends enjoyed poking their noses in through the windows to see what was inside, I just had a feeling I could do an awful lot better.

This is house number two; my attempt at improving upon house number one. I hope you enjoy it.

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Reading Chair

Following a tutorial for a sofa, I decided to make an armchair so that there's somewhere comfortable for the residents of MJJM to sit quietly and read a book.  I thought it would be perfect in the corner of the dining room.  The first one I made took three hours and I was pretty pleased with it until I placed it in the house and realised that it was way out of scale!!!

So, not one to be let down by my own failings, I spent a further two hours a couple of nights later making another one.  Here is the result.

It's not perfect, but it's not bad for a second attempt and when it's put in place, it looks just right for a cosy, curled up read by the fire!

I've pinched some other bits from my old house to make the room look more lived in too.

And whilst I was placing a yummy looking biscuit on the plate, I remembered I had a recipe for something that looked just the same, so I got baking yesterday too...
Very "more-ish" biscuits, sandwiched together with butter icing.  Can't think why there's only two left already!

I've now started to mentally design the living room.  Far more modern than the traditional dining room, it's going to be very pale with a calm atmosphere. I haven't yet decided on bare wood floorboards or a very "earthy" carpet, but I've ordered some bits and have started designing the sofa (in my head, at least!)


Ascension said...

Ha sido un buen trabajo, aunque hayas tenido que repertir, el sofa te ha quedado fantastico.
Me encantan todos los detallitos que tienes para tu sala.
besitos ascension

Judith said...

Well done with the chair. I think it will look great and you can always place a throw over the back to make it even more cosy if by any chance you're not too happy with it when it's in position. I think it looks just fine though. The biscuits look so tasty!

MiniJoJo said...

Gracias Ascension, mi español es muy pobre, pero con la ayuda de babelfish, lo he traducido. Estoy muy contento que usted tiene gusto de mi silla. Recuerdos

Thank you Judith and what a great idea with the throw! I can "chuck" it over the arms which look a little uncomfortable!

Christine said...

!!! I know I commented here!

Anyway, your chair looks really authentic - I love the shape of the arms.