Follow the building progress of my Mountfield dolls house from the Dolls House Emporium.

This is my second dolls house; the first one was built from a cheap kit bought from Ebay and completed about eight years ago. Although my friends enjoyed poking their noses in through the windows to see what was inside, I just had a feeling I could do an awful lot better.

This is house number two; my attempt at improving upon house number one. I hope you enjoy it.

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Dining Room

I've spent all day on the dining room and my eyes are sore from concentrating so much on trying to get the skirting around the fireplace to look right!  Thank goodness for Polyfilla and cocktail sticks to apply it with!
It's not perfect, but with a little bit more filler, a good sanding and another coat of paint, once the carpet is down, I reckon it'll pass.

I found this gorgeous little mother-of-pearl seahorse in my Mum's bead box (she lent it to me when she learned I of my mini-ing.)
I then decided that he was wasted just sitting on the mantlepiece like that, so with a couple of matchsticks, I built him a picture frame to go in.  His frame also matches the one above which houses a dried flower that was in a box of "things that might come in useful one day" that my Mum also gave me!

And another bead from Mum's box made a perfect "porcelain" vase!

The room is really starting to come together and so I put the dresser and the table and chairs back in to have another sneak preview!

Right, that's it.  No more computers or miniatures for me today.  My eyes need a rest (and probably a trip to the optician soon too!)


TINK - SONIA said...

Hi!!I like your dollhouse and your minis so much,teh kitchen is amazing!!Miniregards from Spain,Sonia.

My Wee Life said...

It's looking really nice - thank goodness for polyfilla :) Love the little pictures you made too. Everything is coming together really nicely :)

Sans! said...

Thank you for your interest in my blog Jojo.

I have always enjoyed "progress" blogs so you will see me here often. Probably with every new new post :).

Sandra from Sydney said...

You are putting some lovely creative touches into your house. The colour of the walls is very attractive and the finish is very neat - great work.