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This is house number two; my attempt at improving upon house number one. I hope you enjoy it.

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Off Sick (Please read with a sense of humour!)

I have been blighted again during last night and today with more stomach cramps (etc.)  To add insult to injury, last night whilst biting into a digestive biscuit, (one of the very few things I'd eaten all day, due to being ill) a large filling came out!
In the early hours of this morning whilst clutching my hot water bottle to my tummy, I decided that due to having to pay for a dentist to fix my tooth, I'd have to go to work with or without stomach cramps as I couldn't afford to not get paid.
However, at about six thirty, a rapid trip to the bathroom was the first of many and the decision was taken out of my hands!

Every cloud has a silver lining...

...I haven't been able to leave the house today, but between trips to the loo (ok, I'll stop going on about it now!) I have sat with pencil and paper and started to design my kitchen.  I have measured the room and drawn a birds-eye view of it to scale, putting in the details of where the window and doors are and trying to fit in cabinets so that they look asthetically pleasing when the house is opened, but which also look realistic.
I think I'm going to go for a classic looking modern kitchen with cream shaker-style units, a wooden work top and wooden floor.
Originally I was going to have the wall between the kitchen and the dining room opened up to make it open plan, however this limits the wall space I have so I've decided against the original idea.  This will also give me wall space in the dining room to add a casual sofa that I've seen on Ebay.

I've also been surfing the internet this afternoon looking at other peoples blogs (some of them are absolutely amazing!)  I can't believe how realistic these things are!  One web site that I will be using is where you can download and print off wallpapers and grocery wrappers etc.  She also has links to some great tips on making your own items.

Well this evening, being Monday, I would normally be helping Mario rehearse for this week's salsa lessons, however tonight I will be watching him and hopefully getting the ladies steps correct from the sofa.  If not, I could be looking a bit daft tomorrow evening.  Let's hope the tum is better by then or Passion de Salsa will be without it's glamorous assitant!!!

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My Wee Life said...

Hope you are feeling better soon:) but you have achieved a lot today so as you 'every cloud has a silver lining':)