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This is my second dolls house; the first one was built from a cheap kit bought from Ebay and completed about eight years ago. Although my friends enjoyed poking their noses in through the windows to see what was inside, I just had a feeling I could do an awful lot better.

This is house number two; my attempt at improving upon house number one. I hope you enjoy it.

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Stitch In Time

I don't feel like I've achieved much this weekend, but that's probably just down to the fact that the last two weekends were so grand in the mini scheme of things (the hall and the bathroom) that until I do the kitchen, it'll all seem quite slow.
Slow is good though as it gives me time to aquire more inspiration and to work out in my head how I'm going to make the kitchen.

Talking of inspiration, I checked on the internet to find my closest dolls house shop.  The closest one to me that kept coming up on Google was Small Talk in Shepperton.  So on Saturday morning, I got in my car quite excited at the prospect of being totally surrounded by mini-everythings.  It's about a 25 minute drive to Shepperton, but when I got there, Small Talk was no where to be found.
I went into the local hardware shop (next door to said address) and they told me that it closed down quite some time ago.  Oh NO!!!!
So, I drove all the way home again somewhat disappointed.

Never one to let disappointment last for long, I went into our local Haberdashery (Needle & Thread in Horsell Village) and bought some off-cuts of material.

I've since made a duvet and pillows for the master bedroom and a duvet, pillow and matching blind for the second bedroom.

I don't think I'm going to use this bed in the house... or maybe I'll paint it... not sure yet.

My single bed duvet and pillow in lilac gingham and a dark mauve.

My blind.  The top is a satay chicken skewer that came with my Chinese meal on Friday evening and the bead at the bottom was from an old necklace of Mario's!  (Waste not, want not!)

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Sandra from Sydney said...

Great work on both sets of bed linen, and on the blind as well.